Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The socialization of girls and women to be catty against their sisters

I guess this doesn't just come from nowhere. I really want to address this issue. It is important for my friend group to heal and not cut each other any further than they already have. This is even extended further beyond my friend group to people I don't even know. 

Men are socialized at a young age to be angry when they are mad and deal with it at that point. They are told not to cry and given sports for emotional outlets. Women are socialized at a young age to keep it inside. Of course this sadness/anger builds and explodes like a pissed off volcano and hits unsuspecting parties for miles with lava. 

It's crazy that girls are suppose to 'be nice' and not talk about things. The way boys and girls are brought up really effects everyday life but most people continue on like there isn't anything wrong. 

Men usually bond when things are going well, whereas for women it's almost the opposite.While men form relationships through joint activities, such as workload sharing or having a drink after work, women tended to bond by providing emotional support through informal chats. WE HAVE ALL DONE THIS. 

Women actively go out and seek friendships when they're stressed and experiencing drama. They're probably more likely to tell others of their discontent, because they're motivated to get support by disclosing what's going on. 

Words that are used to define Cattiness are: Insecure, Envy, Malice, Viciousness, Grudge, Spite, Hatefulness, Nastiness, Evilness, and Malevolence..... just to name a few. So, which one describes you? 

If on a regular basis, you feel the need to share your negative opinions of women, with whom you really know nothing about, you are catty. If you hang out in cliques - be it personal or professional - and you seem to always find the time to strike up the latest gossip in reference to women you work or socialize with, you are catty. If you live with several women and have managed to cause division between them, you are catty. If you get a thrill out of persuading others to dislike individuals whom you dislike, you are catty. This list can go on and on, but why waste the time when you already know yourself. 

Cattiness is a surefire sign of Low Self-Esteem issues within you; otherwise, you wouldn't engage in such behavior. You are wasting all of your time and energy on nothing. No one is ever really content on living a life of continuous discard, confusion, and chaos; therefore, you seek ways to ease your inadequacy through your stellar performances of Cattiness. You don't have a clue as to why you act this way, nor of the real underlying negativity issues you project to and on others, by engaging in the obvious evil of Cattiness. 

When you feel threatened, displays of Cattiness are utilized as temporary band-aids to cover-up that which you fear the most....."The Truth About Yourself." Your Cattiness takes the attention away from your own faults, resulting in you pointing them out in others. And do you even know what it is that you're fearing? You can deny the facts of Low Self-Esteem being the reason you engage in Cattiness if you want, but you know the real truth. And the real truth, is that you Envy those whom you unnecessarily criticize and subject to your Catty behavior. 

Cattiness gives you back, via the Universe, that which you disburse to others about others such as: Body aches & pains, Unnecessary arguments in your relationships, Stress in your life, Discontinuing of your blessings from the Universe, Enemies, Bad breaks in life, Loneliness, Depression, Confidence Issues, Inferiority, Inadequacy, Lost of Jobs, and so on and so forth. Why would you want to live that way? Furthermore, what gives you the right and how did you acquire such a broad range of knowledge to judge others? What you see in others as negative, you feel in yourself. What you hate in others, you see in yourself. What you criticize in others, you want for yourself. The Confidence you see in others, is the Low Self-Esteem you feel within yourself. 

Acknowledging the negativity within yourself, is the first step towards change. Stop blaming others for your unfortunate circumstances and bad breaks in life. Your life as you see it, is the result of your own actions. Have you contemplated and pondered on the issue as to why your life is in such disarray? Use the energy that you're wasting on Cattiness, towards the betterment of your life. Look deep within for your solution. Until you gain insight of your underlying negative issues and put forth serious efforts to change them......You will never live a peaceful life because peace will never exist in you. 


First off, no more speaking to someone about what you're pissed off about, when it involes you and another girl (not the one you're venting to) 

VENT TO the person you are angry with and stop flappin your jaws to everyone else. 

Breath, all bullshit is biodegradable and seems to cycle away on it's own. Every morning I meditate and surround my family, friends, ENEMIES, problems, and good things as well with light. It is not worth the negativity so I just wish everyone well. (So not like me even a few months ago) BUT peace comes and the cool part is the negative shit and untrue friends kinda squirm away. They can't handle the happy shit cuz they wallow in their own misery and you know what they say about misery! 

ANYWAYS let's all practice this stuff together, it will own.